My Father Event Was Fun and a Success

Last Saturday, September 18, we had the pleasure of hosting a great event featuring My Father Cigars. And by “My Father,” I mean the event specials included all the Don Pepin Garcia lines, including My Father, My Father Bijou, Jaime Garcia, El Centurion, Don Pepin Blue, Don Pepin Black, La Antiguedad and the former Cigar Aficionado No. 1 Cigar of the Year, Flor de las Antillas.

Flor de las Antilles BelicosoFor the best source of information on My Father Cigars, please see

The deals were great on this exceptional brand and many chose to take advantage of the box specials. Box purchasers received free cigars, an extra box discount, a t-shirt or an ashtray, and a ticket for the door prize: a beautiful, engraved father humidorIt was, quite frankly, the nicest door prize we had seen in a while.

Setting the stage for the event, we thought some refreshment might be in order. My father boozeIt didn’t go to waste.

At this event, we were honored to receive as a visitor Jose Ortega, V.P. of My Father Cigars, who flew in all the way from Miami for our event. Jose is such a nice, fun guy, and our customers enjoyed visiting with him. As did we.

My father group shot with josePictured above, from left to right, Nancy, My Father sales rep Jason Poehler, Mike, Brad and Jose Ortega. Thanks to Larry Byers for taking this picture for us.

As always, there was great conversation. The customers enjoyed the high quality My Father cigars and smoking them with each other. Also, as always, people knew they could relax, use their electronics if they chose, and just be free to be themselves without the pressures of life intruding.

My father jack and chrisMy father phil at registerMy father mattMy father larrymy father ericmy father gregmy father roomThe day stretched out a little beyond the actual closing time, because everyone was having such a good time. Jose and Jason left a little after 8, and then, it was time to wrap it up and go home.

The next day, the festivities continued for Greg Grant, who won the free humidor!my father gregg winsWe hope you were here to enjoy this great event. If not, there will be others.

In fact, the biggest event of the year is coming up on Saturday, Oct. 25. It’s our 5th Anniversary Blow Out Customer Appreciation Party Featuring Quesada Oktoberfest Cigars! There will be deals, freebies, swag, beverages, food featuring Super BBQ, and a few surprises. Please watch for emails and Facebook/Twitter posts on this one, because it is a huge event for us and you will not want to miss it. Believe me when I tell you the food alone is worth the trip. If you are not on our email list, please just drop us a line at and ask to be added. The Twitter name is @MikesCigarRoom and the Facebook page can be found at Mike’s Cigar Room Conroe, TX,


Mike, Nancy, Brad & Tony