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Nancy Wins 2015 NCAA Pool!

And, again, this is awkward.

Every year we do a March Madness pool. This goes back to the first year we were open, so this was our 6th annual pool. Every year it gets bigger. This year we had 19 excited, hopeful participants. In the end, of course, only one could win.

This year, the lucky winner was Nancy! (Me.) nancy at gameThis photo was taken at the NCAA championship in Atlanta in 2013, when our beloved Louisville Cardinals brought home the title. This is pretty much irrelevant to this post other than I like the memory. (Also, I have this picture posted on our Mike’s Cigar Room Wall of Shame to commemorate my victory in the pool. My daughter Sarah saw this yesterday and said, “That’s the picture you want to go with?” I don’t know what she meant by that.)

Also, may I say, with all possible modesty, that this is the 3rd time in 6 years I have won this pool. To those who think the fix is in, take it up with Yahoo. I don’t do the scoring.

The fun part about the Mike’s Cigar Room pool is it makes watching the games at the shop so much more fun and exciting. Games in the first couple of rounds that might otherwise generate very little interest suddenly become riveting. There were some great games this year, even very early.

So, anyway, what was my strategy going in? Strategy may be too strong a word. I won because I made 2 picks that just happened to work. One, I took Wisconsin over Kentucky in the semi-final game, and then Duke over Wisconsin in the final. That’s pretty much it.

Going into the Final Four, the odds on favorite in our pool was David Holmes, who called his bracket “The Spectre of Ashley Judd.” This is a bit of a shot at Kentucky and its fan base. I got it immediately. If Kentucky won the national championship, as it was an overwhelming favorite to do, David would win no matter what else happened at that point.

From the beginning, I didn’t necessarily think Kentucky would lose to anyone. But I reasoned my only real path to victory was to take somebody other than Kentucky, since so many others would be making the safer bet. I decided Wisconsin had the big guys and the general ability to hang with them. Then, because Duke has the most efficient offense in the country, I took them to knock off Wisconsin.

Pretty simplistic analysis. There was a lot of luck there.

Tim Yagley correctly picked all 4 Final Four teams, an incredible feat. Even 7th round Michigan State!

OST Chili Cook-Off 2015

The pool came down to the last game. I had Duke and Tim had Wisconsin. Head to head, winner take all. It was such an exciting game. In the end, Duke managed to pull it off.

The prize was a gift certificate to Mike’s Cigar Room for $190.00.

gift cert for ncaa

This prize may seem like it’s of little financial benefit to me, since I pretty much take whatever I want from the humidor anyway. But it’s about the Glory that goes with it!  Also, “To Nancy from The Losers?” Mike did that. I had nothing to do with it.

We had lots of return players in the pool. Mike, Brad, Brad’s wife Ashley, Chris Harris, Tom McClung and former champ Jerry Winter, just to name a few. Also, the ever optimistic Duc Nguyen, who called his bracket “This is My Year.” It wasn’t.

Golf Duc is a dork

Hope you were able to play. If not, we’ll do it again next year! It will only get bigger!


Mike, Nancy, Brad & Tony


Perfect Day for Golf, Cigars, Food and Friendship

Last Saturday, November 1, we had the privilege of hosting our annual Mike’s Cigar Room Golf Tournament at High Meadow Ranch Golf Course. Co-organizers Frank Kos and Jack Bridge did a spectacular job of pulling it all together and we extend to them our sincerest thanks. To Frank and Jack’s credit, almost everyone who played last year returned for this one. Also, there were numerous comments about how fun the tournament was. There were 28 total participants this year, another tribute to Frank and Jack’s efforts.

In addition, we got lucky on the weather. Several golfers noted that it was a perfect day for golf.

golf 2014 on course1golf 2014 on course2golf 2014 on course3First of all, what would a Cigar Golf Tournament be without an appropriate goody bag? This is what the participants got for just being there: a Fonseca F150 Cigar, a San Lotano Maduro Churchill, a Camacho Criollo Tubo Robusto, a Camacho Corona Churchill, a coupon for 10% off at Golf Galaxy and a Golfsmith coupon for 10% off on a purchase of $30 or more!

golf 2014 goody bag contentsIt was all mostly for fun, of course, but the guys still played their hearts out. All Hail the winning team, who won by 4 strokes! That was Steve Cocke, Jerry Gregurek, Tom McClung and Jimmy Street. Also on the honor roll, Shot of the Day, Simon Lau; Closest to the Pin, Allan Patrick; and Longest Drive, Jimmy Street.

Frank Kos began the awards ceremony afterward by graciously thanking everyone for participating and also Mike’s Cigar Room for its involvement.

golf 2014 awards ceremonygolf 2014 group pic during rafflegolf 2014 prize tableThe winning team congregates around the prize table.

golf 2014 first place team picks up prizesAnd then it was time for door prizes, which were outstanding: a box of 10 of Camacho Criollo Cigars, a box of 10 of Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters, a 75 count Savoy Humidor, a Montecristo Soft Flame Lighter, a CAO Ashtray and an Oliva Ashtray.

golf 2014 prizes

I am told there was something of an after party, a fun one involving, what else, Guys Smoking Cigars. Thanks to Frank Kos for hosting that.

And thanks to P.T. Frazier for providing photos. Also to Brad Frazier for being the on site representative of Mike’s Cigar Room and for sending photos and helpful narration and commentary.

Hope you were there. If not, as with all Mike’s Cigar Room events, you will have another chance. We’ll let you know about all future events via email (if you need to be added to the list email us at, Facebook ( and Twitter (@MikesCigarRoom).


Mike, Nancy, Brad & Tony


Our Biggest Party of the Year. . .

Oktoberfest at Mike’s, the 5th Anniversary Customer Appreciation Celebration, has come and gone. But don’t be sad. We have great memories. And there will be plenty more fun events to attend at Mike’s Cigar Room in the not too distant future. Last Friday, Oct. 24, was the Big Day. Okto MikesCigRm pstr rev.indd The featured cigar, appropriately enough, was the Oktoberfest by Quesada, a cigar designed by master blender Manuel Quesada specifically to be enjoyed with beer. Especially dark beer. It’s a great cigar and, even if you missed the event, you can still pick up some of them. For your kind consideration, there is an independent review of the Oktoberfest Cigar found at

Quesada also provided some excellent swag, including an event-only cigar, hats, lighters, and some beautiful beer glasses.

5th swag

As is our custom, the 5th Anniversary Party featured incredible food provided by our good friend, Master BBQ Griller Chris Hoffmeister. Take a look at the awesome meats Chris prepared this year: Brats and, because it was Oktoberfest in Texas, Chris’s famous Jalapeno Poppers! 5th Brats5th poppersAnybody who hangs around at Mike’s Cigar Room knows Chris. In case you don’t, here is a picture of him, taken at Mike & Nancy’s house this summer. Chris is second from left.

5th chris at partyAlso shown, l-r, David Holmes, Deana Mohr, Ronny Falcon and Joan Falcon. Seated: Nancy. (Okay, this picture has nothing to do with the Oktoberfest Event. I just like it!!!)

Our friends at Silver Eagle Distributing generously provided Oktoberfest-themed beers for the occasion. That kind gesture was much appreciated by all!

David Brophy, the Quesada sales rep, made his appearance. We like David. We have known him for many years. Hope you had a chance to harass David. It’s one of the best parts of any Quesada event.

5th brophyOur friend Gene brought Anniversary Balloons, as he did last year. We have such wonderful customers!

5th Gene with balloonsAnd check this out. Scott wore the correct shirt for the occasion. Even if accidentally.

5th PawgenBefore we ate, Tom proposed a toast to Mike’s Cigar Room and its 5th Anniversary. Everyone was happy to join in. Cheers!

5th toastAfter that, it was fun, lively conversation, cigars, beer, brats, poppers and even a couple of sides provided by Nancy. Specifically, 2 kinds of pasta salad and a strange but interesting pumpkin and green sauce-based dip. Whatever, people liked it. The festivities continued as long as reason and good sense would allow.

5th sides5th var 15th var 25th var 35th var 4 5th group 5th Mike pouring beer5th 5As a special treat, Brad’s wife Ashley joined us for the party. Aren’t they a cute couple?

5th Brad and AshleyThat was about it. All great things must eventually end. Hope you were here and had a blast. And thanks for your support. If not, there will be other events. For example, please look for emails as well as Facebook and Twitter posts about the upcoming Launch Event for the brand new Ashton Symmetry, the first new Ashton Cigar in nearly a decade, on Friday, November 14. if you are not on our email list to be kept apprised of events, deals, etc., please drop us a line at and ask to be added. Also, please Like us on Facebook, Mike’s Cigar Room Conroe, TX,, and Follow us on Twitter, @mikescigarroom.


Mike, Nancy, Brad & Tony


My Father Event Was Fun and a Success

Last Saturday, September 18, we had the pleasure of hosting a great event featuring My Father Cigars. And by “My Father,” I mean the event specials included all the Don Pepin Garcia lines, including My Father, My Father Bijou, Jaime Garcia, El Centurion, Don Pepin Blue, Don Pepin Black, La Antiguedad and the former Cigar Aficionado No. 1 Cigar of the Year, Flor de las Antillas.

Flor de las Antilles BelicosoFor the best source of information on My Father Cigars, please see

The deals were great on this exceptional brand and many chose to take advantage of the box specials. Box purchasers received free cigars, an extra box discount, a t-shirt or an ashtray, and a ticket for the door prize: a beautiful, engraved father humidorIt was, quite frankly, the nicest door prize we had seen in a while.

Setting the stage for the event, we thought some refreshment might be in order. My father boozeIt didn’t go to waste.

At this event, we were honored to receive as a visitor Jose Ortega, V.P. of My Father Cigars, who flew in all the way from Miami for our event. Jose is such a nice, fun guy, and our customers enjoyed visiting with him. As did we.

My father group shot with josePictured above, from left to right, Nancy, My Father sales rep Jason Poehler, Mike, Brad and Jose Ortega. Thanks to Larry Byers for taking this picture for us.

As always, there was great conversation. The customers enjoyed the high quality My Father cigars and smoking them with each other. Also, as always, people knew they could relax, use their electronics if they chose, and just be free to be themselves without the pressures of life intruding.

My father jack and chrisMy father phil at registerMy father mattMy father larrymy father ericmy father gregmy father roomThe day stretched out a little beyond the actual closing time, because everyone was having such a good time. Jose and Jason left a little after 8, and then, it was time to wrap it up and go home.

The next day, the festivities continued for Greg Grant, who won the free humidor!my father gregg winsWe hope you were here to enjoy this great event. If not, there will be others.

In fact, the biggest event of the year is coming up on Saturday, Oct. 25. It’s our 5th Anniversary Blow Out Customer Appreciation Party Featuring Quesada Oktoberfest Cigars! There will be deals, freebies, swag, beverages, food featuring Super BBQ, and a few surprises. Please watch for emails and Facebook/Twitter posts on this one, because it is a huge event for us and you will not want to miss it. Believe me when I tell you the food alone is worth the trip. If you are not on our email list, please just drop us a line at and ask to be added. The Twitter name is @MikesCigarRoom and the Facebook page can be found at Mike’s Cigar Room Conroe, TX,


Mike, Nancy, Brad & Tony


2014 Mike’s Cigar Room Golf Scramble Sat, Nov. 1

It’s that time again!

Please come by Mike’s Cigar Room and register for the 3rd Annual Mike’s Cigar Room Golf Scramble! Here is what you need to know, courtesy of co-commissioners Frank Kos and Jack Bridge:

242 Golf poster 2014 actual size

It’s a terrific poster. But, okay, it doesn’t convert perfectly to this format. So here’s the cheater Reader’s Digest condensed version of its contents:

  • 3rd Annual Golf Scramble Saturday, Nov. 1. Lunch at 11:30 & tee time 1:30
  • High Meadow Ranch Golf Course, 37300 Golf Club Trail, Magnolia
  • Register at Mike’s Cigar Room by 10-30-14
  • $80, or $83 if paid by credit card
  • Entry fee includes lunch, green fees, range balls, cart & goody bag. (I have it on pretty good authority the goody bag will include cigars.)
  • Teams consist of A, B, C & D players drawn at random
  • Players 60+ with averages of 80+ play white tees. All others green
  • Bogie maximum on each hole
  • Players selected at random on 10-31-14
  • For more information contact Frank Kos (281) 639-7576,; or Jack Bridge (713) 419-5353,; or Brad Frazier
  • Also, the flyer includes a couple of great shots at Larry Byers. Just because.

In case you missed last year, here is a glimpse of the festivities:

Golf beautiful dayGolf hanging outgolf hanging out iigolf hanging out at lunchGolf warming upGolf Mike's signsgolf hanging out iii

Below, the winning team!
Golf winning teamAlso, this just in: Duc is a dork.

Golf Duc is a dorkWe’ll see you soon at Mike’s so you can sign up for the 3rd Annual Mike’s Cigar Room Golf Scramble!


Mike, Nancy, Brad & Tony


H. Upmann Banker Event Was Fun

Last Friday, August 8, we hosted an Event featuring H. Upmann Banker Cigars, the bolder and more complex cousin of the other, more well established, H. Upmann cigar lines.

As always, there was plenty of swag to entice our customers to give this high quality, well-priced cigar a try. Altadis, makers of such fine brands as Romeo y Julieta and Montecristo in addition to H. Upmann, sent scratch-off tickets to be given away with already discounted cigar purchases. Everybody loves a scratch-off contest. The scratch-off prizes included hats, ashtrays, money clips and, the grand prize, a cigar mold full of Banker Cigars!

banker swagThe day started out with a bang. Besides it being H. Upmann Banker Day, it was also Terry Hughes’ birthday. Terry’s wonderful wife, Carolyn, surprised him with a little party-within-the-party including cake and sandwiches for everyone!

banker swag terry 1banker terry 2Happy Birthday, Terry!

And with that the Event was off to a terrific start!

Candace Martin, the H. Upmann Banker Rep, was on hand to provide product information and assistance.

banker candace

And then the funniest thing happened. The very first sale of the day, and the very first scratch-off ticket, was the Grand Prize Winner!!!

banker grand prizeAfter that, things went pretty much as all events go at Mike’s Cigar Room this time of year: Great Smokes, Great conversation, golf on TV, relaxing with personal electronics, and maybe a beverage or two. Event Day at Mike’s is just a  great way to spend a lazy Friday afternoon! After golf, of course, which preceded the event for some of the regulars.

banker bialkabanker 1banker 2banker 3banker 4banker 5banker 6banker 7If you were here, thanks, and we hope you had a good time. But, if you weren’t, there are still plenty of opportunities to get in on the fun. Please join us Friday, August 15, from 12-7, for the Alec Bradley Event! Great cigars, great company, big fun, and, always a surprise or two. See you then!


Mike, Nancy, Brad & Tony