2014 IPCPR Trade Show Offers a Few Great New Cigars

PRELIMINARY NOTE:  Cigar Retreat was the victim of some cyber evildoers. Somebody hacked into the site and damaged the content. So much so that all past posts had to be deleted out of an abundance of caution to insure everyone’s computer safety. The back-up was also affected, so that was the only reasonable option open to us. But we will not be defeated by hoodlums or other general miscreants. Please enjoy today’s post and look forward to future ones!

Vegas, Baby. What a place to hold a trade show! Especially since all of our friends in the biz, retailers, reps and manufacturers alike, tend to be so well-behaved amidst temptation.This year’s IPCPR trade show, our big event of the year, was held in lovely Sin City. Doesn’t it make your heart go pitty-pat just to think about that? Vegas The Strip Las Vegas. It is essentially fake. They have a fake Statue of Liberty, a fake Eiffel Tower, a fake pyramid, fake castles, fake skies, fake buildings, a fake St. Mark’s Square, a fake Grand Canal and fake gondola rides. Just for starters. It’s also utterly over the top and full of drunks. And I love it so.

This year we decided to bring in only a few new cigars, but they are good ones. Some are exceptional. And we’ll be adding sizes to those popular brands and lines we already carry. IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all of these cigars have been shipped to us yet. They will be coming in, as available from the manufacturers, throughout the summer and fall. We will be letting you know through Facebook (Mike’s Cigar Room Conroe, TX https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mikes-Cigar-Room-Conroe-TX/187621414601521?ref_type=bookmark) and Twitter (@MikesCigarRoom) as soon as we have them! Please Like us and Follow us to keep on top of the deliveries.

My personal favorite among the new cigars, so far, is the E.P. Carrillo La Historia. As with most of the cigars featured in this post, they are coming soon. They will be worth the wait. Mostly medium bodied, the La Historias have a fair amount of spice in the second half. And they are remarkably smooth. E.P. Carrillo La HistoriaAshton is also releasing its first new cigar in nearly a decade, the Ashton Symmetry. Ashton symmetryThe Symmetry was created by the master himself, Carlos Fuente, Jr. It is medium to full in strength, and contains tobaccos from Ecuador, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. This is the first Ashton branded cigar ever to contain Nicaraguan filler. For more information on this cigar please see http://www.cigaraficionado.com/webfeatures/show/id/17691.

Speaking of Ashton, we also highly recommend you try the limited edition La Aroma de Cuba Noblesse. Made by My Father in Nicaragua for Ashton, there will only be 3000 boxes made. The Noblesse is a little pricier than some of the other new cigars, but it’s worth treating yourself. Please see http://www.cigaraficionado.com/webfeatures/show/id/17701La Aroma Noblesse Tatuaje has announced the release of its next two incarnations of the wildly popular Monster series. Halloween of 2014 will feature the Jekyll, and 2015, the Hyde. Jekyll and Hyde We have also picked up the Tatuaje Tattoo, a delicious and affordable everyday smoke, in 4 sizes, given the popularity of the Robusto size we already carry.

The new, repackaged Octoberfest will be out this fall. Octoberfest 2014 Do you like unapologetically bold cigars? The La Flor Dominicana Chapter Two is coming out, and it’s exactly that. That the Chapter 2 packs a punch may be an understatement. La Flor Chapter 2La Flor Salamones will be back as well. It’s been a few years!

Another cigar coming soon is the Perdomo Vintage, aged 12 years in bourbon barrels (I can’t wait!). Perdomo vintage 12 yr We will also be adding the new My Father Connecticut, offering that wonderful blending of a bold, spicy blend with a lighter, Connecticut wrapper; 601s; a new Cohiba; Rare Air and Chillin’ Moose from La Gloria’s Michael Giannini; this year’s Foundry; a new Dunhill and the Alec Bradley Coyola.

Just a couple of more points about Vegas. It’s full of fake stuff. (Did I mention that?) Here’s a glimpse of fake Venice, for example. Fake Venice I’ve been to Venice. The real one. It was not 108 degrees there. Also, I’m pretty sure it isn’t surrounded by huge American casinos. But this one is kind of pretty, don’t you think? I have no explanation for why things appear to be crooked in this picture.

Also, look! A real balloon is stuck to the fake sky in the fake St. Mark’s Square at the Venetian! Balloon stuck to fake sky Be looking for the new cigars. These are going to be great!

Cheers! Mike, Nancy, Brad & Tony